• Detroit Auto Show

    We just posted our cool gig for JauntVR at the Detorit Auto Shwo. A VR experience in the real world.

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  • TSE in New Orleans

    We just posted this cool gig we did at The Special Event, in New Orleans, the largest trade show in the world for event planners.

    We mapped a dancing bride.

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  • Posting Philharmonic Orchestra

    We finally got permission to post this great gig, for the Philharmonic Orchestra of Orange County. Enjoy!

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  • Summer in Scottsdale!

    Our updated summer show opens this weekend at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale. From Memorial Weekend to July 4. Every night!

    Join us!

  • Ultimo at The Venetian

    It may be The Greatest Meal Ever. PaintScaping will map the grand Colonnade Hallway at The Venetian in Las Vegas, for the Ultimo weekend.

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  • Our BMW job is online!

    Watch our awesome BMW job. Spot aired during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Our client Logan & Sons created the incredible content.

    Watch here

  • PaintScaping to map 3D structure at Sheraton LAX

    PaintScaping will map a cool 3D structure made of cardboard boxes, at Sheraton LAX, from April 15-17, 2016.

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  • Thunderbirds air show. Opens on Memorial Day.

    And up we go!
    We're going to create an Air Force Thunderbirds show, 11-stories high, as part of our annual PaintScaping extravaganza at the Westin Kierland, in Scottsdale.

    For more info, click here.

    Memorial Day to July 4, 2016.

  • Back in Florida for our 3rd year

    Back at Lakeside Village, in Florida, for our 3rd year!
    Join us for the premiere on December 11th.

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  • Playboy Mansion

    We just posted photos from our recent gig at the Playboy Mansion. Enjoy!

  • Australia

    The Skype call came in the middle of the night.

    WHERE? At WHAT resolution?!!! And WHEN?!!!! Answers: Australia. 7200x1200. 3 weeks. Of course, we jumped on it.

    Backdrops Fantastic Australia hired us to create content for a massive tile structure, made up of 1100 modular tiles. And a 7200x1200 resolution, well, let's just say that's more than 4k, folks. And with a 3-week deadline, we kept the render farm pretty busy.

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  • Back in Scottsdale for our summer extravaganza

    Join us until July 5th, 2015, at the beautiful Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, in Scottsdale, for our 3rd annual summer 3D mapping!

    Word is spreading as we're getting bigger and bigger crowds.

    And we're adding 1 spectacular minute to the existing show.

    From May 22 to July 4.

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  • Pasadena Gala Fundraiser

    PaintScaping will create a spectacular 3D mapping for Pasadena City College Foundation's First Annual Fundraising Gala, on the E building of the college, on May 16.

    The Pasadena A-crowd will witness a veritable transformation of the building through the decades, starting in 1924. The 1933 earthquake, Jackie Robinson, WWII, the freak snowstorm of 1949.

    For more information, click here.

  • PaintScaping in Pensacola for the 1st time ever

    Join us on November 6th to 9th 2014 in Pensacola, Florida, for a spectacular 3D mapping, celebrating the history of "the city of 5 flags." Indeed, five governments have ruled Pensacola during its history: Spain, France, Great Britian, the Confederates, and the USA!

    Get ready for hurricanes, fire, mermaids, and a Blue Angels show, with miniature F-15s!

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  • It's Texas time!

    PaintScaping comes to Corpus Christi, TX!

    We're doing our first indoor holiday show ever, at La Palmera shopping center, one of the most popular malls in Corpus Christi.

    Join us one night for Santa's arrival on November 13, and then, for a 12-day period, from December 1 to December 12.

    www.palmera.com for more info.

  • A historical 3D mapping - Cape Cod

    Join us this August 2014 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for a spectacular 3D mapping, honoring the 375th anniversary of Sandwich!

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  • An epic star-spangled banner, May 23 to July 6 - Scottsdale

    Join us for a patriotic 3D mapping to the soaring notes of the Star Spangled Banner, from Memorial weekend, to July 5.

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  • PTTOW! at Terranea - Los Angeles

    PTTOW!, an invite-only network that brings together leaders from the world's most innovative companies, has invited PaintScaping to open their yearly conference at the Terranea Resort in Los Angeles, on May 7. This is a PRIVATE EVENT.

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  • OTC 2014 - Houston

    Gardner Denver, a leader in oil pump technology, has asked PaintScaping to map their booth at OTC 2014, in Houston, TX, the largest energy trade show in the world.

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  • We're back in Chicago!

    From December 6th, 2013 to December 21st, 2013, we'll be playing the 3D mapping from last year again, to the delight of kids and adults alike, at Randhurst Village, an outdoor shopping destination in Mt. Prospect, a suburb of Chicago. Get ready for a new grand finale! Join us!

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  • Back in Scottsdale for 11-stories of holiday magic

    Back in Scottsdale for season 2 of The Magical Advent Calendar! Join us from Thanksgiving Friday (Nov. 29) to New Year's Eve at the beautiful Westin Kierland Resort & Spa for our tallest paintscape yet!

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  • PaintScaping assists Eminem with projections

    Eminem's "Survival" music video came out on October 8th, and PaintScaping plays a big part in it. We ended up in Detroit for 12 days, and projected all the Call of Duty footage behind Em as he was performing. Both Eminem's album and COD:Ghosts drop on November 5. To find out more:

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  • A movie theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina

    Our first time in North Carolina! Our first movie theatre!

    PaintScaping will create a spectacular paintscape on the Stone 14 theaters in Park West Village, in Cary, North Carolina, a suburb of Raleigh.

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  • PaintScaping back in Florida

    PaintScaping returns to Florida after a two-year absence, with a spectacular 3D mapping at Lakeside Village, Lakeland, about one hour south of Orlando, this December 2013.

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  • Summer Light show in Scottsdale

    PaintScaping returns to the majestic Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, in Scottsdale, Arizona, just in time to create an awesome fireworks and light show, southwest style, called "Hoedown" to the sound of Aaron Copland -- 11-stories high. Directed by Michael Kory, it runs nightly until July 7th, and is sponsored by Starwood Preferred Guest.

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  • Our first City Hall!

    PaintScaping will project on Portland, Maine's City Hall, as part of Old Port's 40th anniversary. It was built in 1909.

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  • PaintScaping Rod Stewart

    Rod Stewart will release the music video of "Sexual Religion," on May 7th, part of his first album of original songs in almost 20 years. PaintScaping projected cool retro effects on Rod as he was singing. Click on the project to view excerpts.

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  • PaintScaping to represent US at international mapping festival

    PaintScaping will represent the US at the first 3D projection mapping festival ever to happen in North America. It will run from February 6th to February 9th, 2013, in Québec City, Canada, as part of the "Carnaval de Québec," the world's biggest winter festival. Other countries are Canada, Hungary, and Switzerland.

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  • PaintScaping same night, different cities. First time ever.

    Tonight was historical for PaintScaping. Two paintscapes in two different cities, same night. We did projection mapping in Scottsdale and Chicago, both Christmas themes. The magic is spreading!

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    View Chicago project

  • Winter magic at the Westin Kierland

    PaintScaping just opened its tallest paintscape yet. 11-stories high. Watch the transformation from a wall to the magical advent calendar, at the beautiful Westin Kierland, in Scottsdale. From Friday, November 23rd (day after Thanksgiving), to New Year's Eve. Come and see the magic!

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  • Our first paintscape in Chicago!

    We just landed our first paintscape in the Chicago area, at the beautiful Randhurst Village mall. Located in Mt. Prospect, a suburb of Chicago, Randhurst Village is a very popular shopping area. From December 7th to December 15th, 2012, PaintScaping will bring one of their walls to life, to the sound of soaring holiday music.

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  • Paris, France

    On July 11th, PaintScaping did a projection mapping on France's National Center for Scientific Studies, in Paris' 14th district.

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  • Extreme Mapping in Las Vegas

    PaintScaping creates one of the most complex 3D projection mappings ever in the US. Shown to the CEO and Board of Directors of MGM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL, at the Monte Carlo, in Las Vegas. 8 walls in sync. All Christie 18K HD projectors. 7.2 audio. A 180 degree immersive experience.

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  • Terranea Resort

    PaintScaping does an amazing projection at the Terranea Resort, in Palos Verdes, California, a Destination Hotels property. It was organized for AH&LA's (American Hotel & Lodging Association) annual meeting.

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  • Scanning a huge structure

    Using a Lidar 3D scanner worth $125,000, PaintScaping scans the 3D values of an entire casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, for what is to become a major PaintScaping project. More to come...

  • PaintScaping in Orlando

    PaintScaping produces an amazing projection on the Kress Building in downtown Orlando, Florida, for the opening of Snap! -- a photography festival. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer attends the ceremony.

  • Live Event trade show

    PaintScaping exhibits at Live Event Expo 2011, April 12-13-14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. PaintScaping is the only exhibitor offering "projection mapping."

  • PaintScaping conducts a major projection test on the Kodak Theater, and the Egyptian arch, at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Avenue, in Hollywood. Using a 20K Christie projector, PaintScaping projects on 4 walls the same night.

  • PaintScaping creates a magical projection on snow, in famed Vail, Colorado.

  • Closing night of the holiday-theme 95-ft wide paintscape at The Americana at Brand.

  • Opening night of The Americana at Brand paintscape, in Glendale, California. For 30 days, the audience will witness a holiday-theme paintscape, at the Caruso Affiliated property.

  • Opening night of the "Jabbawockeez" dance troup, at the Monte Carlo, in Las Vegas. PaintScaping provides a cool projection mapping for the exclusive party following the show.

  • PaintScaping projects on McGill University, in Montreal, Canada.

  • PaintScaping creates a fantastic paintscape for the press junket of "The Green Hornet," at the Ritz-Carlton, in Cancun, Mexico. Many A-list stars and top producers are dazzled by the experience.

  • PaintScaping delivers a hologram and self-projecting motion capture projection to Autodesk, the leader in computer graphics software for the entertainment industry.

  • PaintScaping transforms the Hidden Hills center into a casino, for their yearly event. Hidden Hills is home to many top stars, including Dwayne Johnson, Jennifer Lopez, and the Kardashians.

  • PaintScaping creates a paintscape for a charity event at an incredible mansion in Malibu, California. Brad Garrett, and Michael Cooper, of Lakers fame, attend the event.

  • PaintScaping flies to Cancun to project tests for Sony Pictures Entertainment's press junket to be held late June, at the Ritz-Carlton. Tests include "The Green Hornet," "Eat, Pray, Love.", and "The Karate Kid."

  • PaintScaping projects a 106-ft wide holiday paintscape on the revered Ritz-Carlton, in Maui, Hawaii. Many of the 1,200 guests wave at the virtual elves!