Philippe Bergeron with two Christie Roadster HD18K double-stack projectors, for Caruso Affiliated, at The Americana at Brand winter wonderland spectacular. Photo © Jean-Louis Darville Photography

PaintScaping is one of the very few mapping companies to be an official VSP partner of Christie Digital. The relationship between the global projection powerhouse and PaintScaping has been a very successful one. "Although we use other projectors as well, we definitely have a sweet spot for Christie," says Philippe Bergeron, President of PaintScaping. "Some of our highest-profile projects have been with Christie. The two Christie Roadster S+16K double-stack at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun for Sony Pictures, the Christie Roadster S+20K for Cirque du Soleil in Hollywood, the four Christie Roadster S+20K's as the USA representative for the first 3D mapping festival in North America in Quebec City, or the Christie Roadster HD18K in downtown Orlando in front of the mayor, we've been super-happy with Christie," continues Bergeron, "but our best challenge so far has been a projection on the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas with eight walls in sync, using six Christie Roadster HD18K's. Let's just say the MGM Board of Directors was floored, and Christie was a big part of it."

And in the rare cases where PaintScaping needed help, Christie was available 24/7.

"Also, from a personal standpoint, I'm French-Canadian, and Christie is a Canadian company. Go Christie!" concludes Bergeron with a smile.

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