7 short throw projectors for the tunnel - challenging!A different look for the tunnel.Bunnies all over the place.Ed Skrein, lead of Transporter Refueled, in the tunnel.Guests enjoy the show.It's not easy getting past the Transporter girl.It's not easy getting past the Transporter girl..JPG_thumbMike sets up the rear projection.Our PaintScapers setting up the projector at the tunnel entrance.Our rear screen projection, with the mansion in the background.Our screen is ready to go. Guests about to arrive.Rehearsal before the event.The PaintScaping team with our favorite bunnies!The Transporter girls in front of our screen.The rear screen, afternoon of the event.The tunnel entrance to the backyard.The tunnel to the backyard - 7 projectors.The tunnel. The grotto is at the end.Transporter dancers in action.playboy_mansion_thumb