• PaintScaping simulates INCREDIBLE imaginary worlds.

    LA Magazine

  • It blew everybody's mind. It was a DISNEY MOMENT of all Disney moments.

    Robert Miller, President, Pasadena City College, and VP, Tournament of Roses

  • PaintScaping WOW'd the MOST CREATIVE MARKETERS in the world. We were TRANSPORTED into another world.

    Roman Tsunder, Co-founder, PTTOW!, a conglomerate of the world's most innovative companies

  • There were "oohs," "ahhs" and too many WOWs to count.

    George Brennan, Cape Cod Times

  • PaintScaping brought MAGIC to Downtown Orlando!

    Buddy Dyer
    City of Orlando

  • As SPECTACULAR as the first time visiting DISNEY.

    Steven Catania, Catania Hospitality Group

  • I've never felt so much like I'm in HARRY POTTER in Portland, Maine!

  • We've seen similar light shows at DISNEY, but I think this is much BETTER.

    Jared Nelson, in The Ledger, about the Lakeside show

  • It is only after a Paintscaping experience that one realizes how often words like awesome and wow are overused. Paintscaping redefines those adjectives and SETS THE GUEST EXPERIENCE BAR SO HIGH that no competitor can hope to copy it.

    J. Bruce Lange
    Managing Director
    The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ

  • PaintScaping completely SURPASSED OUR EXPECTATIONS. The people there are CREATIVE GENIUSES, and the show perfectly captured the personality and history of our beautiful city. We CAN'T WAIT to have PaintScaping back to Portland, Maine!

    Rachel Irwin
    Events & Marketing Manager
    Portland's Downtown District

  • PaintScaping provides an amazing WOW factor.

    Scott Doran
    Director, Creative Event Services
    Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

  • PaintScaping provided a SPECTACULAR show, as promised. Adults and kids alike were CAPTIVATED. I would highly recommend PaintScaping for a unique event!

    Chris Mueller
    General Manager
    Lakeside Village

  • PaintScaping is SENSUAL, mesmerizing, and state-of-the-art.

    Valerio Gelpi
    Blue 105 Productions

  • All I can say is, WOW and WOW! You guys rocked the boat!

    Terri Haack
    EVP & Managing Director of Operations
    Terranea Resort/Lowe Enterprises

  • We had NEVER SEEN anything like this BEFORE.

    Randy Dearborn
    Senior Vice President, Multimedia
    MGM Resorts International

  • PaintScaping is one of the more IMAGINATIVE firms creating this kind of art. Perhaps because they are based in Southern California, their work has more of a MOVIE FEEL.

  • For this first 3d mapping festival in North America, PaintScaping SHINED A THOUSAND LIGHTS on Palais Montcalm.

    Alain Dubé
    Lumocité, Quebec City

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