Cardi B

PaintScaping does projection for Cardi B's scene with Offset

When: Apr 2nd, 2018

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It may be the most watched scene in Cardi B’s stunning new music video “Bartier Cardi”. In the video, the rap superstar gets quite intimate with her fiance Offset, in the back of a limo. That, only days after some alleged cheating by the Migos member.

Just another day at the office for projection mapping company PaintScaping, who handled all the rear screen projection.

“It’s a throwback to the technique used in the 50s,” note Philippe Bergeron, CEO of PaintScaping, ”it’s much better than post. It’s visceral. It’s real. It’s great for the talent.”

We had 1 14k Christie projector, and a huge rear screen projection system.

Thx to the awesome PaintScaping team:
Brent Javier - Lead
Ryan MacGilvray - support
Adam Johns - support