Dragon flies from home to home

PaintScaping maps 9 walls for epic commercial

When: Jun 28th, 2015

Film & TV

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PaintScaping was hired by Elastic TV, a top production company based in Santa Monica, CA, to map a whopping 16 walls in 3 television commercials, for the Lennox "What Perfect Feels Like" campaign. All 3 were directed by Andy Hall.

For "Dragon," (visit Robot or Vault for the other spots), a red dragon flies from home to home, searching for the quietest AC unit, so he can sleep. A Lennox, of course.

The challenge was to map 9 different walls on 4 houses, in only 2 nights. We had to work rapidly and precisely.

We provided all the calculations, mapping adjustments, labor, and projector equipment (content created by client.)

For a behind-the-scenes glimpse, click here.

We used 3 18K HD Roadster Christie projectors, and an Alcorn-McBride unit, for syncing between media files.