Mapping, pyro and drones

PaintScaping maps Harrah's Norcal Grand Opening, alongside Intel Drones

When: May 17th, 2019

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It was an amazing mix of 3D mapping, pyro, and Intel drones.

For the grand opening of Harrah's Northern California, The Publicity Lab, helmed by Emily Wofford, hired PaintScaping (3D mapping), AESPyro, and Intel Drones, to create the show of a lifetime. It was directed by Dan Jacobs, from Mr. Camera.

The sync between the different techniques was flawless. It may have been only 7 minutes, but to many, it was the most beautiful display they had ever seen.

Event Producer: Emily Wofford, The Publicity Lab
Show Director: Dan Jacobs, Mr. Camera
Projection Mapping & Content: Philippe Bergeron, Paintscaping
Light Show: Shilpa Patel, Intel® Shooting Star™ drones
Pyrotechnics: Nate Tanner, AES