Safeway Foundation

PaintScaping consults for the Safeway Foundation gala, featuring Kelly Clarkson

Sometimes, PaintScaping gets hired to do "under the hood" tech consultation for mapping. Behind-the-scenes calculations, so to speak.

That's what we did here for one of the biggest indoor mapping projects ever. Twenty-two 20K Barco projectors in a tent, the length of 1.5 football fields. The event was the annual Safeway Foundation gala, featuring Kelly Clarkson as the musical guest, at Pier 48, in San Francisco.

The challenge was enormous. To create a seamless, undistorted frame on the tent's roof.

So producers John Corser and Lalo Reyes hired PaintScaping to build the 3D model of the tent, and animate a "fly-through" camera, which you can watch on this page.

We also built all projectors in 3D, determined the number of projectors, their locations, the lens calculations, the severe keystone adjustment, the focal issues, the final resolution of the master frame, the blend percentage, the distortion to make the frame look rectangular on a slanted roof... You get the point.

It felt like landing on the moon.

These calculations were then sent to the projector company (Matrix Visual,) the content creators (NTropic,) and the decor & scenic designers (Blue Print Studios.)

The result was an amazing, magical event.