Downtown Orlando

Orlando, Florida

Snap! Orlando is a world-class photography festival that covers fashion, architecture, and life.

The evening was beautiful, and the crowd even more. Despite a downpour at 4PM that scared everyone. Patrick Kahn, the director of the festival, was on edge. But the sun rays showed up. And now the grounds were dry, and the photographers, models, and politicians were eagerly waiting. Suddenly, the Kress building, one of the most striking structures in downtown Orlando, lit up like magic.

And there it was... virtual fire... virtual graffiti... virtual parties...

The crowd delighted us with oooos and ahhhhs., the production company behind all the magic, was grateful to such a beautiful setting.

And thanks to the magnificent Roadster 18K HD projector, by Christie, the image was sharp, hirez, and bright.

Buddy Dyer, mayor of Orlando, said it best: "PaintScaping brought MAGIC to downtown Orlando!"