Calvin Harris' Lamborghini

PaintScaping 3D maps the iconic car on LA soundstage

When: May 14th, 2016

Film & TV , Cars

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Finally. Our first mapped car!
It's about time.

But worth all the wait.

We mapped the mighty Lamborghini Aventador, on a soundstage in LA.

We used a 3D model of car from Turbosquid (a site where you can buy 3D models,) which turned out to be surprisingly accurate with the real car.

Our client Baked FX created all the content. Lightning. Wind. Clouds.

This was part of the Calvin Harris/Rihanna music video. Emil Nava directed. With Calvin sitting at the wheel, it looked sick.

To our tech friends, we used a Christie Roadster 18K HD, and used Twist to warp the car.

PaintScaping crew:
Sophie Bergeron, Danny Corona, Vinnie De Maria, Lisa Dressler, and Lorenzo Gordon. With Philippe Bergeron as the dept head.