Pharrell Williams & Louis XIII

PaintScaping concludes 3-city tour at Goya Studios in LA

When: Apr 17th, 2018

Immersive Spaces

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PaintScaping created an immersive experience for Louis XIII cognac -- one of the most exclusive cognac brands in the world.

Produced by Gradient, in partnership with Pharrell Williams, the event was held at Goya Studios in LA, the third and final city of a 3-city tour (Houston, Miami, and LA). It focused on the devastating effects of global warming.

Pharrell's new song was engraved on a disk, made of clay, from the Louis XIII region, in France. Then it was locked in a safe, with the song slated for release in... 2117 (no, it's not a typo).

One hundred years from now.

... if the water levels keep on rising, the disk will disintegrate, and the song will be lost forever.

Can't wait for 2117!