Westin Golf Course

PaintScaping creates 3D mapping on Westin Kierland course

When: Jun 29th, 2016

Client: Westin Hotels

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Westin Hotels

PaintScaping created an elaborate 3D mapping on a golf course, for our client and friend at the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa.

We used a 30k Barco projector, right from our room, then projected a 3D model of the course, onto the course itself.

You can see the "before" photo in daytime. The transformation is pretty drastic.

We filled the sand traps with WATER. Created deep CLIFFS. Brought giant SPIDERS to life. Built virtual SAND CASTLES. Created deep "TRON" holes. And lit FIRES from waaaaay down below.

Right in the middle of the test, it started pouring. And we mean a deluge! So Philippe Bergeron's 2 daughters and their friends ran straight onto the course, and stood by the "cliff". The photo feels otherworldly.

The content was created by Rob Ostir, one of our top mapping artists. Thx to our PSAV friends Steven, Channing, Kevin, and team leader John, for their awesome technical support.