The Secret Summit

PaintScaping in front of world's marketing elite

When: May 7th, 2015

Client: PTTOW!

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CEO and cofounder Roman Tsunder tells it best: "It’s the most influential group of brands and minds ever assembled in the world."

For the 2nd year in a row, PaintScaping showcased a 3D mapping at PTTOW!'s "secret summit" (Plan To Take On The World), an invite-only summit of top CEO's and CMO's of major multinationals (Coca Cola, Gap, McDonald’s, GE, Virgin, Mastercard, Facebook, Google, Taco Bell,...)

The mapping featured a virtual DJ, in honor of mega-DJ David Guetta, pictured here with PaintScaping CEO Philippe Bergeron.

The event was held again at the Terranea Resort, an affluent enclave south of Los Angeles.