Toyota - immersive experience

PaintScaping creates 8k immersive room

When: Mar 28th, 2019 to Mar 31st, 2019

Where: 100 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Cars , Immersive Spaces

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AES Creative Group & InterTrend hired PaintScaping to create an amazing immersive experience for the Toyota Hybrid Camry, as part of the car giant's CARNival, downtown LA.

We created 8k content, in line with the real car, to add a virtual space to the existing physical environment.

Event is at the Japanese American National Museum, 100 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
Hours are:
Thursday, March 28 -- 5pm to 10pm
Friday, March 29 -- 5pm to 11pm
Saturday, March 30 -- 3pm to 11pm
Sunday, March 31 -- 1pm to 6pm

For the geek in all of us, we used 2 32k laser Barco UDX projectors, and the mighty Alcorn-McBride, for media playback.


Thx to our awesome PaintScaping team:

Jerry Weil - 3D content
Aldin Baker - music edit
Sylvain Bellemare & jean-Francois Sauvé - audio fx
Philippe Bergeron - 2D content, and integration
Mick Wood - event edit

Mike Cianciola - Head Operations
Michael Vinson - Operator
Chase Granat - Tech