What is 3D projection mapping?

Well, it's the buzzword of the moment. But also, the art of projecting images onto the real world, in alignment with its features. It's a merging of real and virtual. The fun starts when the audience doesn't know what is what.

What is paintscaping?

Paintscaping is our brand name for "Projection Mapping." It comes from "painting the landscape," because we started on landscaping.

How much does it cost?

The most asked question. And the hardest to answer.
It's like calling Warner Bros. and asking "How much is a film?"

The factors that drive cost are content and hardware. And if it is temporary or permanent.

For content (i.e. the images that are projected,) it is the complexity and duration. For projection (i.e. the hardware involved,) it is the size of the wall (or "canvas"), the number of walls, and the number of nights.

What is the ideal building?

Light in color, white if possible. Glass towers are to be avoided. Low ambient light, so it doesn't wash out the projection. Minimal obstruction from the POV's of the projectors (trees, lampposts, etc...) And finally, high visibility area. There's no point if no one will see it.

How big can a paintscape be?

Anywhere between 15 feet and 150 feet wide. The simplest paintscape can be a focal point, like a statue, a fountain, or a specimen tree. The most complex paintscapes can be buildings, sprawling gardens, even hills.

What is spatial augmented reality?

Spatial augmented reality, or SAR, is the science behind 3D projection mapping. It was invented by Ramesh Raskar, and Oliver Bimber, who literally wrote the book: "Spatial Augmented Reality: Merging Real and Virtual Worlds."

What is the hardware involved?

A paintscape's hardware consists of 3 things: 1) digital storage for the images; 2) a projector, and 3) the means to connect the two, either wired or wireless.

Can I create my own paintscapes?

We are a service company. We install all hardware, produce and maintain the paintscapes. Of course, when it comes to content, the client's input is vital.

How precise can you be in creating paintscapes?

Pixel perfect. As an example, we can "paint" a single rose in a 50-foot wide flower bed.

Are paintscapes permanent or temporary?

Both. Temporary paintscapes are ideal for special events, and permanent paintscapes are a fantastic way to handle architectural lighting, such as in a hotel lobby.

Can paintscapes be installed outdoors?

Absolutely. However, since projectors are not weather-proof, we install high-end enclosures that can withstand rain, snow, wind, and humidity.

Can you install multiple projectors?

Absolutely. So far, our biggest project has been with six 18K HD projectors in sync. But really, the sky's the limit. You have 1,000 projectors in sync if you wanted to.