We've done some big stuff.

The largest US mapping ever.

We think. It was for Park MGM.

550ft x 26 stories.

(Geek Interruption, or GI: we had 28 32K Barco UDX. All with 0 lamp-hours. Will never happen again.)

We did the most viewed mapping ever.

2.3 billion views.

Rihanna can take credit for, well, 2.3 billion.

We did the longest throw (GI: throw is the distance between projector and "canvas.") in the world, at 1.1 km, for Sedona. We think it's longest.

But who cares about size. Or numbers. It's about... cliche drum-roll... emotion. But actually, it's true.

We're story-tellers. Writers. Directors. Who couldn't care less about resolution and aspect ratio. We care about the experience. We make the audience laugh, and cry... for all the right reasons (but not always.)

Just ask Pepsi. University of Virginia. Gucci. Rodeo Drive. And Porsche.

But here's the beauty. We have a bunch of tech-geniuses who ONLY care about resolution and aspect ratio.

A match made in heaven.

Masters, I mean, top of the line, Hollywood Studios-trained animators, all fluent in Maya, who want to re-invent themselves. Oh, and we have the best installers in the business. Not that social, but they will never stop. (GI: They speak Christie. Barco. Panasonic. Disguise. Alcorn-McBride. Pandora's Box. Resolume. And MadMapper. )

But more importantly... the guy who helms us, our CEO, well,...

He guest-starred on The Sopranos.
“The family will always be number one." -- Tony

The old text, for anyone who cares (actually, our CEO, because he can't let go of anything):

We create live events that will have your audience cheering for more. We design indescribably beautiful landscape lighting. We transform ordinary architecture into extraordinary, and ever-changing, environments. In short, we make you look great by making your world look amazing.

Check out our top 12.

We specialize in large-scale projects, like the huge 8-wall-in-sync 3D mapping, in Las Vegas or our tallest yet: an 11-stories-high mapping at the beautiful Westin Kierland in Scottsdale. We also represented the USA at the first 3D projection mapping festival in North America, held in Quebec City, in February 2013. Click here for our current or upcoming shows.

PaintScaping is also one of a select few companies to be an official VSP partner of Christie Digital, the world's largest projector company.

Because our typical client is discerning, demanding and internationally respected, we expect the best from ourselves. Our team of animators and technologists is the best in the world. They include many transplants from Hollywood, where founder Philippe Bergeron is a pioneer in the field of computer animation. Time Magazine called his work a breakthrough.

"3D projection mapping isn’t just a fad, it is a profound paradigm shift," says Bergeron, "it’s incredibly exciting. The real world becomes your canvas."

Temporary or permanent. Indoors or out. With or without audio. Interactive or not.

PaintScaping delivers.

We will make you look great by making your world look amazing.