Before we start bragging, please watch our latest 2020 holiday reel.

And we have a holiday special, if you order your mapping by October 31, 2020. Not sure what it is yet.

Alright, the bragging...

We've done some big stuff.

The largest US mapping ever. For Park MGM. In Vegas. 550ft x 26 stories.
The most famous fountains. The most famous zoo.
The coldest place. Sure felt like it. at -40. In Qu├ębec.
The longest throw. 1.1 km. On a Sedona mountain.
(geek talk: throw is distance between projector and "canvas.")
The most viewed mapping. 2.37 billion views. Calvin Harris & Rihanna.

And now we've mapped a rocket. Operational, that is. At Cape Canaveral.
The sky is no longer the limit.

But who cares about size. It's about... cliche drum-roll... emotion.

We're story-tellers. Writers. Directors. Who couldn't care less about resolution and aspect ratio. We care about the experience. We make the audience laugh, and cry... for all the right reasons (but not always.) Just ask...

Pepsi (at the Super Bowl). University of Virginia. Gucci. Rodeo Drive. Porsche.

But here's the beauty. We have a bunch of tech-geniuses who ONLY care about resolution and aspect ratio.

A match made in heaven.

Masters, I mean, top of the line, Hollywood Studios-trained animators, all fluent in Maya, who want to re-invent themselves. Oh, and we have the best installers in the business. Not that social, but they get the job done. (geek talk: They speak Christie. Barco. Panasonic. Disguise. Twist. Mystique. Alcorn-McBride. Pandora's Box. QLab. Resolume. MadMapper. Did we lose you at hello?)

But more importantly... the guy who helms us, our CEO, well,... he guest-starred on The Sopranos.

Enough said.