Largest USA Mapping ever

PaintScaping maps Park MGM's 26-stories for Britney Spears

When: Oct 18th, 2018 to Oct 25th, 2018
varies by night
Client: MGM Resorts International

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MGM Resorts International

PaintScaping installed the world's largest 3D mapping currently on display. It ran for a week, from Oct 18 to Oct 25, in Las Vegas, to promote Britney Spears' residency at the new Park MGM.

550ft wide, by 26-stories high. More than 3.2 acres of light!

The sheer size of the equipment was also dizzying: 28 32k laser projectors. About 900,000 lumens!
2 D3 4x4 media servers.

In addition to the install, PaintScaping was technical advisor for Spears content team. A shout out to It Factor, who produced the awesome graphics.

Thx to our partners' incredible help: Nationwide who provided the projectors, VER provided the lenses, and Disguise, who helped us with the D3 media servers.

And a huge thank you to our awesome PaintScaping team:
Mike Cianciola
Brent Javier
Patrick Dolan
Declan Bethley
Caleb Conlin
Philippe Bergeron