Pepsi - SuperBowl week

PaintScaping 3D maps Coke bldg, for Pepsi

When: Feb 1st, 2019


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The Cola war was full on, for Super Bowl LIII, in Atlanta.

In the land of Coca-Cola, Pepsi blanketed the city with hilarious billboards.

And to raise the stakes, Pepsi asked PaintScaping to destroy -- albeit virtually -- the old World of Coca-Cola building.

The State almost intervened (yup,) but in the end, it was... epic.

We used a total of 10 Christie Boxer 30k projectors, both for the Old Coke bldg, and the Georgia Freight Depot, where the Pepsi party was happening, featuring Travis Scott. We used a Disguise D3 4x4, as our media player.

Thx a million to AVTS, for supporting our technical and hardware needs. In particular, a huge thank you to David Sweet, from AVTS.

And a big shout-out to our awesome PaintScaping team:
Jerry Weil - content
Mike Cianciola - Field Operations
Julia Bergeron - Business Development
Michael McCaughey - Office Manager
Philippe Bergeron - Producer