University of Virginia

PaintScaping maps The Rotunda for 22,000 people at UVA's 200th anniversary

When: Oct 6th, 2017

Where: 1826 University Ave, Charlottesville, VA 22904
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October 6, 2017.

The 200th anniversary of University of Virginia.
The most epic job we've ever done.

22,000 people.
23 minutes of high-end content.
On the rotunda. The center piece of UVA.

On October 6th, 1817, Thomas Jefferson layed the cornerstone of UVA. And the rest, as they say,...

And with the tragic August events in Charlottesville, this job took on a whole new meaning, as we covered the greatest moments of the University's storied history.
The highs. And the lows.

And Philippe Bergeron's cousin, Sylvain Bellemare, who just won the Oscar for Best Sound Editing ("Arrival"), created the superb soundtrack.

Thanks to Jody Kielbasa, and Mitch Levine, from UVA, for trusting us!

For the geeks in all of us:
6 30k Boxer Christie Projectors.
2 D3 4x4, for media players.

Thanks to the amazing team at PaintScaping:

Michael Kory - Lead 3d artist
Leif Einarrson - Additional 3D animation
Rob Ostir - Additional 3D animation
Suzanne Smith - Photoshop
Anthony Parker - AE artist
John Kayem - Photoshop
Sylvain Bellemare - audio design
Claude Foisy - additional music
John Carlson - character animation

Mike Cianciola - Lead Field Ops
Michael Vinson - support
Jordan Breeding - support
Brent Javier - support

Arian Troncoso - shoots
Adam Johns - talent
Robinson Rojas - Set Building