PaintScaping creates 7200x1200 content for "down under" event

When: Aug 3rd, 2015

International , Corporate

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PaintScaping was hired by Backdrops Fantastic Australia to create content projected onto a massive modular tile structure at a corporate event held at the Gold Coast Convention Center, in Queensland, Australia, on August 3rd, 2015.

The structure was a whopping 50 meters wide (150', in American speak) and consisted of over 1,100 of Backdrop Fantastic Australia’s “Stealth” modular wall panels. The resolution was 7200x1200, by far the biggest resolution for any PaintScaping project.

Based on a storyboard provided by Backdrops Fantastic Australia, PaintScaping used the 3D model of the structure to create cool effects with the tiles, in Maya. The result was truly outstanding!

The 2-minute opening was directed, on behalf of Backdrops Fantastic Australia, by Tom Hall. The wall was mapped with Avolites Ai Media Server. Technical equipment was provided by the Gold Coast Convention Centre with the use of 8 Barco 26k HD Projectors.

The PaintScaping team consisted of 3D artist Jerry Weil, with supporting animation by Danny Corona. Sean Wright was the production manager, with Philippe Bergeron as the producer.