Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group's massive 8-wall 3D projection mapping in Las Vegas

We finally got permission to post this really cool project!

Anybody who seen Blue Man Group in concert knows how amazing they are. They're one of the most popular acts in Las Vegas, and currently reside at the Monte Carlo, on the Strip.

On April 10th, 2012, PaintScaping created a massive 8-wall 3D projection mapping for the Blue Man, using six 18K projectors. Lots of firepower! The Blue Men "played" the Monte Carlo building, as if it was a giant instrument. We rebuilt part of the Monte Carlo on a green screen studio in L.A to give them points of references. Oh, and they wrote a song specifically for this! The magnificent 7.2 audio system operated by our audio genius Art Wood sure gave it justice!

The private event was attended by the CEO's from MGM Resorts International, Blue Man Productions, the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, and PaintScaping. An increasingly large crowd gathered on the strip, trying to peek through.

More to come on this project... stay put.

Directed by Philippe Bergeron, with Michael Kory as the creative director, and Rob Ostir as the senior technical director. Kevin Botham, our director of scenic development, with Titanic and Spiderman 3 as credits, built all the real-world structures.