PaintScaping creates 9-projector 4k 3D mapping on BMW

Watching the spot, it's hard to believe this was done on-set and not in post.

PaintScaping was hired by top LA-based production company Logan & Sons to consult and install a complex 9-projector 3D mapping projection for a BMW commercial.

The spot, directed by Logan's Alexei Tylevich, first aired during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The challenge here was to make the effects look like they're INSIDE the car, even though they were projected ON the car. This was done with a complex motion-control system, synced with the content, which was created by Logan.

The moco, and all projector information, were modeled in 3D software Maya, during duel Logan-PaintScaping sessions.

The on-set hardware was out of this world: 7 20K Christie HD projectors, and 2 4K-rez 30k-lumens Christie Boxers.

Logan's Matt Winkel was the executive producer, and the executive creative director was Maik Kahler, from agency ServicePlan Group, based in Germany.

The PaintScaping team included: Mike Cianciola, Vinnie De Maria, Brent Javier, Lorenzo Gordon, and Philippe Bergeron.