MGM Resorts

Las Vegas, Nevada

Destruction! Flood! Critters!

On April 10th, 2012, PaintScaping created its most complex 3D projection mapping to date.

Shown to the CEO and Board of Directors of MGM Resorts International at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, it featured eight walls in sync, with six Christie Roaster HD 18K projectors (two of them sharing two walls), and a 7.2 audio system. And for playback, we used an Alcorn-McBride Binloop 8-channel unit, which also helped with the complex 7.1 audio mix.

The amazing destruction effect was created by Michael Kory, our creative director. The gorgeous water effects with created by Terry Politis and Andronikos Bisogiannis from Ixor. Other Maya artists who created magic were Andrea Losch, Audrey Phillips, Rob Ostir, Bill Buckley, and Sally Steranko. The 3D model was created by Barry Dempsey, using lidar scan technology.

A 180 degree immersive experience.