Simulation of 10 18k projectors. Yeah, baby.

PaintScaping creates "phase 1" visualization to show actual projections

When: Mar 2nd, 2015


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Many times, PaintScaping creates a "phase 1" simulation of all projectors in a project.

This allows the client to see ahead of time the location of the projectors within the stage area, or building. It shows which projectors are landscape vs portrait.

In addition, we add the frustum of view, so the client can see the actual projection area. This is illustrated with a color grid. Then, we show the "masked" projections, i.e. the intended area of projection.

The masked projections are illustrated with a different color for each projector. The end of a masked projection is the beginning of the next masked projection, i.e. they all fit like a puzzle, so the final user experience will be seamless.