Billion-Dollar Cake

PaintScaping creates a cake mapping for mega-event

When: Oct 17th, 2015

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What does The Billion-Dollar Cake look like?

First, it tastes amazing, thx to the baking wizards at, but more importantly, it is projection mapped with cool images.

When billionaire Vera Guerin, heir to Shapell Industries, wanted to surprise her husband Paul for his 70th birthday, on Oct. 17th, at an ultra-exclusive country club in Los Angeles, she asked the services of PaintScaping to make the cake one of the showpieces of this memorable evening. The theme was "through the decades," covering the 50's until today.

Sure, we've done huge buildings, but we had never done a cake. And it was... no piece of cake. Ba dum tss.

We mean it! It was nerve-racking as we were still aligning the content 1 hour before the guests arrived.

Oh, and the fact that Diana Ross was performing certainly added to the excitement.

This fantastic event was co-produced by Linda Howard Events, and Randy Fuhrman Events, with AV by Ronen from Ultimate Lighting, and decorations by RrivreWorks.

The PaintScaping team included AfterEffects wizards Scott Pickens and Lily Bartenstein, with our new Photoshop artist John Kayem. Field Ops included Brent Javier, Vinnie DeMaria, and Julia Bergeron. Sean Wright was the production manager.