France vs. Espagnol

Real actor shoots at virtual one, mapped on building

When: Jun 14th, 2015

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PaintScaping's first interaction between a live actor and a virtual one during a 3D mapping, on November 6th, 2014.

That was part of our epic 3D mapping in Pensacola, FL (click here, for more info on the show.)

The live character is Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne de Bienville, a Frenchman who founded New Orleans (really "Nouvelle Orleans"), and went on to conquer Pensacola, FL. He was played by Philippe Bergeron, CEO of PaintScaping, and actor (The Sopranos, Iron Man 2, Rush Hour 3, Mad Men, Entourage, Contact, and Godzilla.)

The virtual character, played by Jean-Louis Darville, a fantastic French actor living in Los Angeles, is Don Tristan De Luna Y Arrellano, the first Spaniard to settle in Pensacola, in 1559.

Needless to say, there was no love lost between the Spanish and the French.

Witness as Jean shoots at the poor Spaniard, who has no choice but to flee the scene.