Portland City Hall

PaintScaping projected on Portland, Maine's City Hall, built in 1909

They compared it to something you'd see at Disney World. Others claimed it was Harry Potter in Maine.

Whatever it was, the reactions were amazing to our first 3D mapping on a City Hall, in Portland, Maine.

As part of the Old Port festival's 40th anniversary, PaintScaping projected a dramatic paintscape on the building, built in 1909.

The paintscape covered Portland's storied history, including a devastating fire on the prior City Hall, in 1908, the year before the rebuild.

Watch Philippe Bergeron's interviews on FOX's "Good Day Maine," and NBC's Channel 6 "207."

We used a Roadster 18K HD Christie projector. It was directed by Rob Ostir, one of our top directors, and produced by Philippe Bergeron, President of PaintScaping. Andrea Losch did additional animation.