PaintScaping and Michael Kory create tribute to guerrilla stunt

When: Jan 14th, 2017

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Our tribute to a great guerrilla-style art work!

Here's an article about our stunt in The Malibu Times.

In October 1966, for 4 nights, an artist named Lynne Seemeyer rappelled down a treacherous cliff above the Malibu Canyon tunnel, to paint what would become the Pink Lady.

Lynn passed away this week, on Friday, January 6th, 2017, at the age of 81.

On the morning of October 29, 1966, commuters saw a giant 60-ft tall naked lady, holding a bouquet of yellow flowers. It quickly became a sensation, went as viral as it could, in those pre-social media days. The city was not amused, and tried to erase it with pressure-washers. It didn't work. Finally, after 5 days, they covered it with brown paint.

Last night, instigated by Michael Kory, PaintScaping projected the Pink Lady, at the exact same location as it was 50 years ago. Of course, we did it guerilla-style, just like Lynn did! We had spotters at both ends of Malibu Canyon Rd, and upon hearing of the cops coming, we quickly vanished.

This happened in front of an assembled group that included Chris Seemeyer (Lynne's brother,) as well as Pam Seemeyer (Lynne's daughter-in-law.)

The Pink Lady lives on!

You can read her obituary in the LA Times.

Thx to Eric Myer for the great photos and video!