Play The Building Like an Instrument

Any performer. Any MIDI instrument. Any building. 100% live. 100% mapped.

When: Dec 15th, 2013

Phone: 818-716-8762
Architectural , Theatrical , Music Industry

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PaintScaping has developed a system to "play" any building live, with any MIDI instrument. In real time. 100% mapped.

The performer/musician has total creative freedom over the musical mapping. He or she decides which notes correspond to which architectural features, such as windows, columns, ledges, doors, trees, etc...
Or PaintScaping can assist.

And then, it's all about the performer.
And the biggest canvas of his life.

Any performer.
Any MIDI instrument.
Any sound.

Any building. Of any size.
From 3 to 75-stories high.

100% live. 100% mapped. 100% in sync.

In this video, Alex Bollbach performs, on a 6-stories high building, the famous notes from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and Beethoven's "Fur Elise," among others.