Tiffany & Co.

PaintScaping creates stunning 3D mapping during Tiffany event

New-York-based WCMG hired PaintScaping to create a major 3D mapping for Tiffany & Co.'s star-studded celebration of their Beverly Hills flagship store, on Rodeo Drive.

The gala was capped with a surprise appearance by a famous singer. Curious? Check out this video.

Under the creative direction of WCMG's Anthony Coppers, PaintScaping incorporated in-your-face 3D effects, with cool interactions between a quintet of white-clad dancers and the moving walls. To quote the LA Times, the mapping was "a wordless interpretation of exactly how everyone feels when they’re waiting for a Tiffany boutique to open."

The results were otherworldly, even in the already magical setting of Via Rodeo.

This was PaintScaping's 2nd mapping at the world-famous corner, following its beautiful holiday event back in December 2015.

For the geek in all of us, we used 4 20k HD Christie projectors, all in portrait mode. Alcorn-McBride was used to sync the four media files. The result was an astounding 4k image, spread across the entire facade of Tiffany.

Thx to our amazing PaintScaping team. You guys did the impossible again: Michael Kory, Mike Cianciola, Dane Bukauskas, John Kayem, Lukas Sarralde, Philippe Bergeron, Sophie Bergeron, Michaela Kory, Jack Woods, Vinnie De Maria, Lorenzo Gordon, and Brent Javier.

We'd like to acknowledge two extraordinary artists: choreographer Bonnie Story, and music composer Sébastien Perrin.

PaintScaping is one of the top 3D mapping companies in the world. Based in LA, PaintScaping has created projects for MGM Resorts International, Ritz-Carlton, Rihanna, Sony Pictures, Rodeo Drive, and Playboy Mansion.