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When: May 5th, 2014 to May 8th, 2014

Client: Gardner Denver
Consultation , Corporate

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Gardner Denver

One of our services is the creation of mockups for mapping at trade shows.

In association with 20/20 exhibits, we helped client Gardner Denver design the mapping for their booth at OTC'2014 in Houston - the largest energy trade show in the world (click here for details on the project.)

We first imported the 3D model created by 20/20, adjusted the trusses, added 4 18k lumens Christie HD projectors, calculated lens requirements, re-shaped the tile canvas, gaged ambient light (a challenge at trade shows,) showed the "cones of projection," and produced a video mockup, included here, from the POV of audiences in aisles.

Oh, and we ended up on the front page of the Houston Chronicle. Thx to our amazing paintscapers!