Front page of Houston Chronicle

Spectacular 4K 3D mapping for Gardner Denver at OTC'14

When: May 5th, 2014 to May 8th, 2014
9am to 530pm (May 5-7); 9am-2pm (May 8)
Client: Gardner Denver
Where: Reliant Center, 8400 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX
Phone: (832) 667-1400
Corporate , Alcorn-McBride

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Gardner Denver

How did we made the front page of the Houston Chronicle?

Great content. 4K resolution. Enormous lumens power. Superb equipment. And a fantastic team.

Jared Stone, VP of marketing for Gardner Denver, a pump manufacturer, contacted PaintScaping to create a 3D mapping for their booth at OTC'14 - the largest oil trade show in the world. The mapping structure was inspired by Justin Timberlake's concerts.

This was truly a team effort, as we worked with Gardner Denver's advertising agencies Blue View, and Axiom. 20/20 exhibits designed the booth, and Atomic created the 3D mapping tile structure.

The PaintScaping team was led by director Philippe Bergeron, with lead 3D animator Barry Dempsey, and additional animation by Andrea Losch and Gordon Fales. Rob Ostir created "phase 1" - the 3D setup of the projectors.

The field team was helmed by Mike Cianciola, with Chris Butterfras as our A/V technician.

We used an Alcorn-McBride for syncing the 4 media files, as well as 4 18K Roadster HD Christie projectors.

The result was awesome.