Mapping 4th largest house in the USA

PaintScaping will create a holiday 3D mapping at the beautiful Winterthur Museum, in Delaware, the former house of Henry Francis Du Pont, member of the prominent Du Pont family.

Join us at the premiere, on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020! It will run until December 12 (Twelve days of Christmas!)

PaintScaping has 3D mapped many famous -- and infamous -- large mansions. Stan Hywet Museum, Playboy Mansion, Winchester Mystery House, and many others. But this one is the largest!

4th largest in the USA actually. 96,000 sq ft, to be exact. Indeed, over decades, du Pont expanded his family estate from 30 rooms to a stunning 175-room mansion.

In 1961, he was asked by Jacqueline Kennedy to help oversee the renovation of the White House.

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