PaintScaping now member of AZA

PaintScaping is pleased to announce that they are now a commercial member of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA), the world's largest professional organization of zoos and aquariums.

After the incredible success of "Aurora" at the San Diego Zoo, during the holidays, where PaintScaping produced the complex 3D mapping, they have dedicated themselves to create 3D experiences on natural canvases, for the astonishment of zoos' and aquariums' patrons worldwide.

Think Bioluminescent. But real.
From cliffs to ponds. Forests to waterfalls.
Think extinct animals. Exotic Plants. Worlds you can only dream of.

3D mapping on nature will be an essential -- and extremely powerful -- tool for zoo entertainment in the future.

And Paintscaping is the first and only dedicated 3D mapping company member of AZA.

The Toledo Zoo, LA Zoo, are some of the other zoos we've worked with. And more and more are joining the 3D mapping bandwagon.

We will see you at the annual 2020 conference, in Columbus, Ohio!

Visit our page on AZA's website.